The Importance Of Keeping Your Website Fresh For SEO

Just wrote this post for my companies website, which has great stuff on it, and thinks it’s worth sharing on some of my other platforms. It’s a great conversational piece about the Google freshness score labeled The Importance of Keeping Your Website Fresh For SEO.

The Importance of Keeping Your Website Fresh for SEO

Secrets Revealed for Ranking High in Google

Constantly attempting to deliver picture-perfect results to millions of people on billions of searches, Google’s efforts to maintain its reliability for everyone is ongoing and challenging. However, Google has figured out a way to better their search results. It’s called QDF, and I’m about to dissect the Google Freshness score by decoding what’s inside their patents.

Query Deserves Freshness

In November 2011, Google released the QDF update, or Query Deserves Freshness, referred to simply as the Freshness update. This update impacted over 30% of all search results, some negatively and some positively.

Google’s biggest challenge for ranking content in its search results is whether users are searching for content that’s evergreen or that needs regular updates. To understand how this will affect your website and your content marketing strategy, you need to know how the Google’s Freshness update works.

Google launched its Freshness update with the intent of determining whether search results should be prioritized with newer content over older content or whether it’s evergreen, meaning that newer content doesn’t apply. For instance, if you’re looking for the latest sports update, it applies. If you’re looking for a cooking recipe, it doesn’t.

Now that we know what it is and can understand why, Google rarely releases information about its updates. For good reason, they want to maintain the integrity of the search results. However, the data that Google collects can be found deep in the Google patents they release publically. Let’s examine a few.