Welcome to LocalME.me

We’re a group of SEO experts providing the LocalME.me business listings 100% Free to all small local businesses. We believe Buying Local is the life blood of our country and we want to give pure value to the local business owner and consumer. Having a listing, for your business, on a well trusted and respected website will send a powerful vote for your business. This vote is what is used for top placement in the major search engines.



For the last two years we have swung open the doors of the local businesses trying to help them with their websites, web presence and their ability to easily connect with the local customers in their community.

One of the biggest challenges we faced is the local business owners not being up to date on just how much the internet can effect their business, both in a positive and negative way.

We still offer our website services and search engine optimization services, but local businesses needed more than just help. They need more education on internet marketing before making decisions on the online strategies for their business.

Our website listings are for free and we will be adding online marketing courses to further benefit all local businesses across the U.S.

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime, we love to hear for you.

Thank you for participation and we look forward to your success!


Dan Woods

Owner LocalME.me