Google Loves Google

When people ask the question, how can get found on google?, I simply reply with Google loves Google start there.

The moment after your website is complete, your next thought should be Google. Everyone has “Googled it” at some point, many of us has done it several times today. Google is no longer just a search engine offering ways for people to find your website. They have developed some powerful tools you should be using for your business to ensure Google is aware our website.

So, where to start?


Having a Gmail account is the first step to the tools Google loves. This account will act as your central control hub for all your Google products. Gmail is free to register, you add as much detail as possible about your profile and add an Avatar image. You can personalize this email or brand it with your business name.

Google Plus

Google loves its social platform Google plus. Here you can have multiple pages for you, your business and your brand. This social media platform will hold key features to help Google properly understand your website, your business to get it in front of the correct audience.

You can go to


Google loves YouTube, it’s the third most visited website on the internet and for good reason. It’s online television to share from any device. YouTube gives you free online commercial advertising with a chance to really connect with your customers. People watch videos over reading text and with internet speeds fast enough to handle the load, video is just going to get stronger.

Google Analytics

Would you love to see what Google see about your website? Google provides this information with Google Analytics. One code added to your website could reveal vital information about your website success and opportunities. This will provide pages of your website people visit to the keywords they used to find it.

Webmaster Tools

Google loves the webmaster tools they created to give deep routed insight to your website. This tool takes you one step deeper into the insights of your website than Analytics does. You’ll find indexed pages, backlinks but more importantly and errors that Google noticed about your website that may be holding it back.

Google loves all the tools they have created to help you online. To see the full list go to