Best Local SEO website advice for a Contractor without Hiring a Pro

What is the best local SEO website advice for a contractor that I can give without hiring a professional SEO expert?
Number one – would you recommend a customer take a hammer, nails, some shingles and a latter to fix the roof themselves? No, of course you wouldn’t, they’re just making more work for you when they made a mess of things.
So why would I recommend you to perform SEO on your own? You’ll just mess things up and cause more work for me when I realize the mess you made.
Leave it to the professionals, the work will get done right and you can hold someone accountable for the results if they’re not what you expected. It will cost less money as well.
If you’re going to take that hammer, nails, some shingles and a latter to perform SEO yourself… I can point you in the right direction to get you started.
First – website – get a website that works! I cannot tell you how many contractors I see with website from the yellow pages! These website are out of date and should be dropped by all contractors. Matter of fact, stop advertising in the yellow pages all together, you’re wasting you money.
I recommend setting up a hosting account and loading a WordPress site on it – or – visit and get something call 1&1mywebsite. You can go to their website and let them sell you on it. You get for under $30 a month.
Second – get listed on all of the directory sites with this information – Name, Address, Phone Number and website address. Go to and place your business name and area to see where you’re listed or not listed. You can also go to and do the same.
I recommend you manually go to some the directory sites yourself, create an account and submit your business information. Keep a record of the user name and passwords you used. Don’t go crazy submitting info to all of the directories because of my next point.
Third – start saving money to hire an SEO expert to take care of the rest.
In conclusion, I have tried to do certain house hold updates to my home and made a mess of things. The best thing that I could have done, is clear the way for a profession to do the job correctly.