Linkbuilders are like Stock Brokers managing the 8020 rule

In business, 80% of your revenues come from 20% of your clients. In SEO, 80% of your website’s SERP rankings come from 20% of your links. (SERP – Search Engine Ranking Position)
In both, the idea is to make the total number, in the 20%, larger and larger. However, you can’t do it without the other 80%. Plus they complain more, I don’t know why, they do.
I own an online business, selling health products. I GET FIRED, SEVERAL TIMES A MONTH! However, I get hired, one to two more times than I get fired each month. I mostly get fired from the 80%.
It’s a sales thing, the next whale is just a phone call away… I just don’t know which number it is.
I am okay with this because the more I get hired… the more of a chance I add to the 20%.
Now, follow me.
If you have 5 customers, 20% is one customer. If that customer fires you, you’re screwed.
If you had 50 customers, 20% is 10. If one of the ten fires you, it’s hurts, but you’ll survive.
I have to through this in now, because it will help makes sense of things very shortly.
Ever hear the term “diversify your stock portfolio”? Same concept, don’t get caught with all your eggs in one basket. With website’s, it’s “diversify you link portfolio!” You don’t make money in the stock market by not investing in stocks. Well, don’t make money on the internet if you don’t invest in links.
Got it, good, let’s move on.
Building links to your website, works the same way. “If I want more powerful 20% links, I need to build more less powerful 80% links to do it.”
So, what does some of the links look like?
A 20% link comes from a well-connected website. Locally, limo companies tend to be well connected online. Local newspapers are well connected and people who blog are well connected. Getting these sources to talk about your business and provide your website address as a link (which is the stock you now own) will work as currency $$ in the search engines.
An 80% link will come from your local cigar shop, who has a website but doesn’t really need it. Consignment boutiques, barber shops and other places that are local to your area but not well connected. Their more like penny stocks, Hugh upside – very little downside risk.
Now, you may be saying to yourself. Why not just get the powerful links and forget the others. Good question, with this we’ll focus on link profile.

A link profile is… ding-ding-ding. What are the sources, what are they saying and when were they built? Ahh, the number one reason to pay someone else to do this stuff for you. This is a full time job, if this is messed up, your website falls off the first page and your future clients belong to your competitor.
Link Profile
What are the Sources?
This is diversification, are your links coming from multiple places on the internet or from a few. If my website has links coming from multiple types of sources, such as – blog post, directories, local websites, national websites, newpaper sites, social media – this will look balanced to the search engine and they will trust the information on your website ranking it higher in the SERP’s. If all the links to my website comes from one type of source, like blog post, I may be doing something shady.
What are they saying?
Is the information being shared in your industry, state, city and town? When these sources link to your website, is the text that links to your website a variety of different words, which is natural, or is the text that links the same which is unnatural?
When were they built?
This will focus on timing, which the greatest thing that has happen to SEO’s since their first client hired them. If all your links are built at random time of the day at random times of the week this is natural. If you links are all built at once and no other links are built… this is unnatural.
A good SEO agent will manage your link portfolio for you. Just like a stock broker will manage your stock portfolio.
There is an 80 – 20 rule of the internet and it has to do with your link portfolio. Hire a professional to manage it and it will grow in power for you. Try to do it yourself and you’ll end up buying high and selling low.

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