Ways to Winterize your Vehicle



There is nothing more nerve-wracking or stress-inducing than driving through a blizzard or ice storm in New England. If you’ve ever experienced car troubles attributed to winter weather, you’re probably wondering how you can prepare your vehicle for the next cold snap. Luckily, this infographic goes over a few simple steps you can take to winterize your car, truck, or SUV for the next polar vortex.

  1. Check Your Battery Often and Charge It

Drained car batteries and winter weather go together like peanut butter and jelly — especially if your vehicle’s electrical system isn’t working properly to begin with. If your battery is weak or low on charge, make sure you visit a mechanic before it gets too cold. You should also make sure your battery is secure, clean, and dry to prevent it from freezing or corroding.

  1. Get the Right Tires

With the next polar vortex looming in our midst, it’s time to trade in your all-season tires for a set of winter tires. Designed for extra traction and road grip, winter tires are prepared for icy, slippery roads after a snowstorm. An elastic rubber compound allows winter tires to remain flexible during extreme cold for an improved performance during the winter, so be sure to stop by Allen Mello to pick up your set.

  1. Stay On Top of Oil Changes

Your engine is highly sensitive to cold weather and may be prone to locking up if it gets low on oil this winter. It’s best to change your oil every three months, and we recommend using a thinner motor oil so it flows properly through your engine at freezing temperatures.

  1. Get an Engine Tune Up

Cold weather exacerbates any existing problems with your engine, which means a cold snap can do some serious damage. Stop by your mechanic before winter to make sure everything is working the way it should.

  1. Check Your Exhaust System

Exhaust leaks cause dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide to get caught in your cabin, leading to severe consequences if they aren’t addressed right away. Make sure your exhaust pipe is free of residue before you start driving, and have a mechanic check its infrastructure to make sure nothing is leaking.

  1. Check Your Brakes

Brakes are an integral safety feature on your car, especially when you’re trying to stop your car on a slippery road surface. Make sure your brake pads, lines, rotors, hoses, and fluid levels are working the way they should before winter hits.

  1. Get Winter Windshield Wipers

Drivers should replace their windshield wipers every six months, especially before wintertime. In areas prone to frequent snow, it’s best to buy heated or rubber wipers so ice doesn’t build up on your windshield.

Winterize your Car at Allen Mello Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Winter in New England can be tough on your car if you don’t take the right precautions. Luckily, Allen Mello Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has everything you need to prepare your car for snow, sleet, and slush. Stop by our service center, conveniently located at 13 Marmon Drive, Nashua, New Hampshire, 03060, to winterize your vehicle today!